I will always always be grateful to Genevieve for assisting me in getting my life back.

“Suffering from SIBO, IBS, constipation, Hashimoto’s, leaky gut, and a myriad of hormonal issues emanating from 30+ years of birth control pills and then menopause, I found Genevieve—and just in time!
I was feeling exhausted, depressed, old, hopeless, sick, and deteriorating.

Now, just about one year later, I feel healthier and stronger and much more hopeful about the future and my part in it—and much less stressed and anxiety-ridden! My SIBO is not a factor in my daily life, my hormones are stabilized, my gut is healing, and my mood is leveling off.

I might even go so far as to say that sometimes I am actually starting to have fun again! Genevieve helped me to heal from the inside out.”

Dannette, USA

The Empowered Eating course has helped me to take charge of my own health.

“For a very long time, I felt so bloated and constipated all the time that I had to only wear loose clothes. I was putting on weight despite what I thought was a healthy diet and lifestyle. I was suffering from anxiety and insomnia, and couldn’t stop the constant stream of thoughts going on in my head, especially at night. On top of that, I had skin rashes, I felt fuzzy in my head and had joint pain.

I kept going backwards and forwards to my GP, saying there is something wrong with me. I was told that I had IBS, but very little help was offered to try to help me feel better.

Doing the 4-week Empowered Eating Course with Gen was eye opening for me. It really changed my outlook on life because I realised how much I could do on my own to improve my health. I have learned so much about nutrition and how to know what is good for my own body. But one of the most important thing I have learned is how to tune in to my body, and listen to what it’s telling me.

Learning to take charge of my own health has been an incredible journey for me. I’ve lost 10 kg despite eating lots of food, just from learning what my body thrives on. My anxiety has really reduced and I’m not constipated anymore.

So I guess it’s pretty clear that I highly recommend this course to anyone who has had enough of feeling like there is something wrong with their body, but yet not getting answers.”

Verena, Australia

Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching Client

Michelle, Marian, Australia

My gut issues slowly resolved, my energy improved immensely and I have been able to lose 7kg.

“For six years prior to working with Genevieve I had struggled with significant gut issues. 

Not only did I have ‘gut’ symptoms, (heartburn, epigastric pain, food sensitivities and chronic diarrhea) but also overwhelming fatigue and struggled to lose weight.  Medically everything checked out fine (blood tests, gastroscopy & colonoscopy) but with ongoing symptoms I knew I would have to dig deeper to find the root cause of my problems. 

I wasn’t prepared to take medication long term to mask the symptoms.  I felt sure that with the right help and guidance the body could heal itself.  I am a health professional myself but despite my research over the years and working with other natural health practitioners, I wasn’t making much progress. The problem was who to go to?  I didn’t feel any of the health professionals in my area had an expertise in healing the gut.  Thankfully, by chance I came across Genevieve’s contacts and began her program.

Within 2 months of starting Genevieve’s program, many of my symptoms had reduced significantly.  I agreed to do certain testing which help clarify the underlying issues.  I worked through Genevieve’s educational program and it was simple, clear and easy to understand.  Additionally I was impressed that Genevieve’s program was based on the latest research and developments in this area. 

Over time we worked together and I noticed significant improvements.  My gut issues slowly resolved, my energy improved immensely and I have been able to lose 7kg.  I became aware of the ‘trigger’ foods which played havoc with my gut.  As my gut has healed I have been able to tolerate a greater variety of foods, including small amounts of food which previously made me sick.

I appreciated the time that Genevieve spent with me at each appointment.  Not only was she genuinely caring, but she also really listened to what I had to say.  Additionally Genevieve is a holistic practitioner who doesn’t only look at gut health but looks at your health as a whole. At any time between appointments I could email Genevieve and would always receive a prompt reply. I felt it was a partnership between myself and Genevieve and at all times she respected my choices and decisions. 

I am so grateful to have benefited so much from Genevieve’s wealth of experience rather than continuing to struggle on alone with my gut issues.  The program is so comprehensive and well worth the investment to have your health back and improved quality of life.  I have no hesitation in highly recommending Genevieve to others. 

Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching Client

Kate, ACT, Australia

In the past three months the change in my health has been huge.

” When I started working with Genevieve I was so unwell that I couldn’t do everyday tasks like walk to the shops or cook for myself. I had spent thousands of dollars on GPs, gastroenterologists, naturopaths, acupuncturists and functional medicine doctors. I felt trapped in my own body and couldn’t understand why I was getting sicker and sicker when I was trying so hard to do everything ‘right’. When I came across Gen I burst into tears because I finally felt like someone understood and had the expertise to help me. I finally felt like there was someone on my team to support me through this, rather than getting rushed through a doctor’s consult and leaving it feeling worse.

In the past three months the change in my health has been huge. My symptoms have reduced, I have energy again and I’m not in constant pain. We are still working on healing my gut and are now looking at rebalancing my hormones too. After being unwell for so long, I had so much anxiety and working with Gen has eased a lot of that. I still have work to do but can finally see light at the end of the tunnel, and completely trust that I can really heal through continuing to work with Gen.  

Gen is incredibly knowledgeable and incredibly thorough. She works hard to get to the root cause of issues, and is also a very genuine, kind and caring practitioner. She has picked up on things that other practitioners haven’t, and that has been the missing piece of the puzzle in me getting better. As gut issues can be so complex, having Gen available in between appointments to guide me, as well as the coaching calls, make such a difference in this process.

I would recommend Gen to everyone if I could – she is a true healer and I am so grateful to her for helping me get my life back.



Leah, USA

Your program is the most holistic, comprehensive, and useful gut healing program out there!

In an accessible way, you’ve put together what I feel is the “missing” information’ in gut health.

I’ve tried many different things to heal my gut and feel better, but continue to have lingering symptoms despite how well I eat and how hard I’m working. I haven’t been able to understand what else could possibly be triggering me.

When I saw your program, something called to me. I was drawn to it because you include ALL of the things I’ve learned are helpful and not always obvious for gut healing… like vagus nerve stimulation, energy flow, emotional work, environmental toxins, etc.

Now that I’m diving into the program and learning about food chemical sensitivities and this process that you guide people through, I’m starting to understand my own symptoms. I really feel like this is why I haven’t been able to heal as I am constantly eating “healthy foods” that are triggering my system in a big way.

If I hadn’t learned about these food chemicals and the havoc they can create, I would have continued to wonder and search for who knows how long.

Thank you Leisa and Genevieve for making this information accessible and for putting it all together in a usable way! I’m so grateful to you and for your program!

Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching Client

Lisa, Kansas City, USA

“I found out I have SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth) just over 1.5 years ago and who knows how long I had it before that.
I was referred to a functional doctor who had a history of working with SIBO patients, and I will just summarize my experience by saying, it was not successful. She immediately had me taking so many supplements and I felt even worse. I stuck with it for several months and when I wasn’t seeing any progress I made the decision to stop with her and started working with a naturopath. Over the course of about 8 months, the naturopath did great things for me in other ways, but the protocols weren’t specific enough to address the SIBO/gut directly. As a matter of fact, my symptoms were getting worse & worse and I knew I needed something more specific for my gut.

About that time I came across Genevieve. I was also glad to know she had SIBO herself and successfully reversed it. It seemed like her Happy Gut program was exactly what I needed, so I took a leap of faith. I’ve been working with her for about two months now and she has been amazing to say the least. My bacteria load is way down and my symptoms are gone for the most part. However, there is still work to be done as it does take time & the right process, to fully heal the gut.
She explained that it’s really important to get the body ready before starting treatment or you can get really sick. Which is what I think happened when I worked with the functional doctor because she just loaded me up on supplements right off the bat. Genevieve guided me through a preparation phase to help reduce die off reactions once we went into the treatment phase. That’s exactly what I needed because it worked.
I would highly, highly recommend Genevieve and the Happy Gut program if you have any digestive issues at all.”

Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching Client

“I am so grateful to have met Genevieve. She has helped me to discover the cause of my health conditions and help treat them, in a way that other health practitioners had been unable to do because they were complicated and outside of the norm. 
Genevieve also makes me feel that she cares and wants to help. The appointment does not end when you say goodbye because she takes the time to diligently research and follow up anything that comes up. I highly recommend Genevieve’s services for anything related to digestive and hormonal health.”
— Siobhan, Brisbane, Australia

1:1 Client

“I’ve had digestive issues for 8 years, including candida, SIBO and gastritis.
I’ve only been working with Gen for almost one month now and you can’t imagine how better I feel now with her treatment.

At last, I definitely see light at the end of the tunnel.

She is very VERY knowledgeable, but what I want to highlight about her is her attitude. She is always willing to help, she is a practitioner who REALLY cares about your health. She makes me feel like she has known me for a long time!”

— Alba, Teacher from Spain

Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching Client

Working with Genevieve has taken me from feeling extremely low to a place where I have the energy to do the things I love again. Not being completely wiped out at the end of my working days have been a game changer… it means that I can actually have a life! I’m back to teaching yoga and attending dance classes and performing, I’m loving it!

Gen took the time to understand my long and complicated history of gut issues and, although she has an incredible amount of knowledge, kept treatment at each step of the way manageable and practical. After just 1 session, she identified a few things in my diet that could be causing some of my symptoms, and removing those foods made a huge difference.

I felt that she genuinely cared about my progress and although I’m not at the end of my treatment yet, I’m confident I’m moving in the right direction. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Genevieve to anyone with gut issues.

— Jess, Brisbane

 Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching Client

“I have seen many practitioners over the years, both mainstream and alternative, for various health issues. I have always believed my gut to be at the root of it all, but have never been able to find anyone or anything to really help me.
Working with Genevieve has been a completely different experience to what I have had with any other practitioner. It has been a real partnership, where I feel comfortable in asking her advice, exploring new ideas with her, and expressing my frustrations regarding my journey back to health.

She has always been supportive and sympathetic, and her knowledge and insights have helped me sort through the complicated mess that is my health! I live in a rural area, so having a knowledgeable, emphatic practitioner available via Skype and email is a real godsend!”

— Debbie, Victoria

Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching Client

“I have spent years trying to sort out my gut issues. I would have to self-medicate for my gut pain and had to avoid eating many foods. I also suffered from fatigue, hormonal issues and anxiety. I was on multiple supplements which were recommended by my Integrative GPs, as well as Hormonal Replacement Therapy. These helped me felt somewhat human, but I still felt very tired and anxious.

Genevieve suggested a course of action which involved getting a few tests done to find out the cause of my gut issues, instead of just giving me a bunch of supplements to patch the symptoms. We discovered that I had SIBO and treated it successfully, which helped me feel so much better. Now I’m only using the supplements that actually help me and was able to get off Hormonal Replacement Therapy which I’m really happy about.

Since I felt so much better, I talked my husband into seeing her as well, as he suffered from terrible burping, reflux, and snored terribly. Since working with Gen, he hasn’t had a return of these symptoms, which is fantastic.”

— Jill & Ross McTaggart, Brisbane, Australia

Empowered Eating Course

“Doing this course was one of the best decision I ever made.

I used to have acne, reflux, low energy, bad mood, hormonal imbalances, and losing weight was just impossible! I now also realise how depressed I was because of my digestive issues.

It’s amazing the impact that digestion can have on our bodies, emotions and life. With Gen I learned so much about nutrition, how to improve my digestion, and myself. She has infinite knowledge and passion to share about food and digestion, and she is always sharing from her heart. With her I learned lots of useful tools that I now apply into my daily life and it has helped me feel so much better. 100% RECOMMENDED!

— Fran, Brisbane

Happy Gut Kitchen 4-Week Meal Plan

“ With the Happy Gut Kitchen 4-week Meal Plan, not only did my digestive issues improve a lot as promised, but I also lost 7.5 kg as a bonus.

I had lost my interest in cooking lately because I just didn’t know what to eat anymore without feeling bloated and horrible, but Gen’s recipes were so delicious and easy to follow — without giving any uncomfortable symptoms afterwards— that it reignited my enjoyment for food again. I couldn’t ask for more!”

— Janet , Brisbane

Empowered Eating Course

“Gen’s 4-week Online Course is fantastic, I really enjoyed it and learned heaps! Her style of teaching made the course very easy to follow.

Before doing this course, I had been going from doctors to doctors trying to understand what was going on in my body—I had numerous gut issues, heart palpitations, fatigue, brain fog and anxiety. I was getting really frustrated as I was getting no answers. This course helped me finally understand what could be behind my symptoms and, even better, what I can do to get better!

I loved that I felt like I could take part in my own healing journey, rather than just being offered various pills. ”

— Jessica, Brisbane

Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching Client

“ I’m so excited that just under 5 months after signing up for the Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching program, I just heard those magical words from my specialist that my Rheumatoid Arthritis is finally in remission!!

After working with Gen for only 6 weeks, I had finally come off all my immune compromising medication! With no turning back! My energy is better, my weight is better and I’m happier and not as worried for what my future holds for me and my family.

I have reclaimed my life! ”


— Kerrie, Sydney

Happy Gut 1:1 Coaching Client

Working with Gen was a remarkable experience, not only will you learn a wealth of information but she also provides really caring and quick support.
I’ve suffered with various GI symptoms from stomach pains and bloating to nausea and heartburn for 10 years. I’ve been to countless doctors and GI specialists and even worked privately with a previous naturopath in central London that almost bankrupted me.
I then turned to Gen who I found always managed to help me out with whichever problem I was currently dealing with, she really listened and went a lot into my health background which was a nice change of pace from others I have worked with.
Even though my one year program is finished, I still practice the breathing techniques and yoga from her course every week and have found these to be tremendously helpful.
My symptoms have improved by at least 80% and my diet is way more expanded than before. The icing on the cake was working with somebody that knows exactly how uncomfortable GI issues can be and she has gone through it all herself. 10/10 quality and caring service!

— D.Williams, UK

1:1 Client

Genevieve’s wisdom and motivating encouragement has helped me to change my life by guiding me to use nutrition to cure my migraines, put my thyroid antibodies into remission and help me sparkle once more!

From the moment I had my first individual consultation with her I felt completely heard and understood. She really went the extra mile to regularly follow up on my progress and she was a rock to lean on in my journey to better health, always there with pearls of wisdom.

I would not hesitate to recommend Genevieve to anyone who is currently struggling with their health.

I am so very grateful for your help – thank you Genevieve!

— Rosa , Brisbane

1:1 Client

I cannot recommend Leisa highly enough. Not only is she very knowledgeable in all areas of gut health, she is very caring and doesn’t judge!
I had huge problems after contracting Salmonella and E.coli when I was travelling. I couldn’t leave my accommodation for over 2 weeks and Leisa was there to coach me through what I needed to get, and what I needed to do, to start my road back to health. It wasn’t an easy process because of the strains of the bacteria. Leisa even teamed up with Gen and together we decided that I needed to take antibiotics.
Leisa then helped me to restore my gut health in the following months, even when I was travelling. She is patient, highly knowledgeable and passionate about all things gut related (and was compassionate about my food addictions too!). She totally understood that I’m an ethical vegetarian/vegan and helped me figure out what to eat.
I trusted her completely and I really can’t recommend her highly enough to anyone needing to work on difficult gut issues (or small ones too!).

— S. Dawson

HAPPY GUT 1:1 Coaching client

“ Following a virus, I had struggled for many years with autoimmune conditions, digestive issues and a very long list of food intolerances. I had consulted numerous health-care professionals, both orthodox and ‘alternative’, most of which had seemed promising at first but ultimately achieved absolutely nothing, apart from costing enormous sums of money.

I had given up and had started to try to accept that I would never get better, when I was introduced to Leisa by a business contact. After an initial Skype consultation (I live in the UK), I was impressed by the breadth of Leisa’s knowledge and experience, whilst being particularly reassured by the fact that she had suffered from the same conditions that I was dealing with and had healed herself. It was this that made me decide to give it one more go, probably the best decision I have ever made. Leisa was tireless in identifying a wide range of approaches to my conditions. She is supportive and empathic and her holistic approach which focuses on emotional as well as physical issues has been extremely effective.

I felt so much better from my very first consultation with Leisa and I have continued to improve. I feel supported, both in terms of my physical symptoms and my emotional well-being. My symptoms have improved massively and continue to do so and I can see a point approaching where I will be back to full health. Leisa has improved my life in so many ways and has given me the tools so that I can continue with the process myself. I cannot recommend her too highly.”

— Helen, UK

1:1 Consultation

I just want to say a huge, grateful and heartfelt thank you so much for your time, Leisa. I appreciate it so, so much. I’m just so grateful.

You’ve given me so much information and clear pathways that I can move forward with that no one has given me before. And the fact that you’ve taken the time to really explain the root of the issues, I just appreciate this so much, because like I said, I’ve had protocols thrown at me, and for me, that’s been confusing with where to go.

So, all of the hours and the years and the time that you’ve put into the research, I just appreciate so, so much. I’m excited for your email. I’ve written pages and pages of notes. I just wanted to send a message. I’m almost in tears I’m so grateful. Thank you so, so much. 

— Tamsyn, Australia
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