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Tributyrin-X™ by Healthy Gut is the world’s most advanced butyrate technology. Butyrate is the most abundant of the 3 short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) created by bacteria fermentation of prebiotics and fibers in the colon. It’s possibly the most powerful digestive support offered on the market.

90 capsules

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Tributyrin-X™ is the world’s most advanced butyrate technology.

If you suffer from a dysfunctional immune system, leaky gut, chronic inflammation in the digestive tract, food sensitivities, bloating, digestive discomfort then your body deserves to try Tributyrin-X™.


  • Helpful after restrictive diets or to increase FODMAP tolerance
  • Adaptogenic: slow down loose BM’s and support stuck ones
  • Soothe Histamine reactions and Skin eruptions
  • Enjoy a glass of wine or margarita with less problems
  • Supports Microbiome diversity and a strong gut lining
  • Non-Gmo, 99.9% Pure, No Smell, Gel-Capsule

How does tributyrin-x help?

Tributyrin has been studied since the 1930’s and is naturally found in small amounts in butter. It’s possibly the most powerful digestive support offered on the market. The difference clinically between probiotics and prebiotics and tributyrin is massive.

    • Powerful leaky gut & tight junction support
    • Regulation of gut speed (motility)
    • Promotes microbiome diversity
    • Helps healthy mucosal layers
    • Supports proper immune system activity
    • Supports healthy mast cells and histamine levels
    • Supports healthy weight management

What is butyrate & how does it help?

  • Critical for tight junctions (and avoiding leaky gut)
  • Supports mucus pathways
  • Enhances gut-brain connection
  • Regulates immune function and inflammation
  • Gut motility and transient times
  • Healthy gene expression
  • Regulating energy metabolism (may reduce overeating)
  • Stabilize and encourage a healthy microbiome
  • Protects against alcohol damage in the gut

Butyrate is the most abundant of the 3 short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) created by bacteria fermentation of prebiotics and fibers in the colon.

Because of this scientists have termed butyrate supplements “Postbiotics”.

What’s a postbiotic?

A “postbiotic is a new class of supplement that focuses on boosting Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs) and their immense ability to help the body.

Butyrate is the most studied and most powerful of the 3 SCFA made by your intestines (acetate and propionate are the others).

SCFA are produced when the microbiome ferments prebiotics or fibers from food. However, when someone has a broken microbiome, chronic gut inflammation, or other gut conditions, then their ability to make SCFAs are reduced.

This is one of the big reasons why eating your vegetables is so important. Because if you can break down all that plant fiber it helps create SCFA (but if you can’t break it down, it’s bad news).

As most people with digestive upset know…

Taking extra fibers or prebiotics often doesn’t work… or sadly in some cases, they make digestion hurt worse.

And while probiotics are important and helpful… they just don’t seem as powerful as postbiotics.

Which makes taking a supplemental butyrate a really good idea to test… but not just any butyrate supplement will do…

Research suggests that tributyrin which has a different chemical makeup than bonded salts like sodium butyrate or magnesium butyrate or calcium butyrate is likely to be more easily used and more powerful.


Why Tributyrin-X™ Works Better

Tributyrin-X™ is the best solution for butyrate supplementation because it’s packed with the most advanced technology no other butyrate supplement on the market can offer you:

  • 99.9% Pure Liquid Tributyrin – Professional Grade
  • Most Bioavailable Butyrate Type (tributyrin)
  • Revolutionary Patent-Pending PXRcap™ Softgel Delivery System
  • Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Lactose-Free,
  • No Fillers, No Sterates, No Silicon Dioxide, No Charcoal
  • No smells, no burps, easy-to-swallow gel capsules
  • Up to a full 1,500mg a day serving size for 30 days

All of these factors combined make Tributyrin-X™ the ultimate butyrate supplement.

PXRcap™ studies show zero capsule leakage at 2 hours of simulated gastric acids.

And then it dissolves in 2.15 minutes after reaching the intestines… for perfect liquid tributyrin release.



EVERYONE should start slowly with one capsule a day 500mg, as each person’s gut integrity, motility and microbiome is different.

If well tolerated, you can increase to up to 3 gel capsules per day or more as directed by your health provider.

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