Methane Kit

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The METHANE KIT includes:

We’ve put together our favourite supplements for people with Intestinal Methane Overgrowth – aka IMO (also formerly known as methane dominant SIBO)

The gentle yet powerful supplements we’ve included in this kit can:

  • Reduce your symptoms such as bloating, gas and constipation
  • Reduce the methane overgrowth for long term results

BioGaia® Protectis®  is a dietary supplement containing the patented lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri Protectis (aka – L. reuteri DSM 17938) that helps the good microorganisms keep a natural balance in the gut. L. reuteri Protectis has been tested in more than 130 clinical trials and proven effective and safe for children and adults. It can be very helpful for constipation and has been shown to reduce methane production in the gut.

Atrantil is a new nutraceutical that may relieve bloating and abdominal discomfort caused by gas (especially methane) in the gut. Developed by a gastroenterologist, Atrantíl three natural botanicals work together to produce long-term relief for these difficult-to-treat digestive symptoms while promoting a healthy gut.

Neem Plus has a proprietary blend of Emblica officinalis (amla) for its antioxidant and adaptogenic properties; Terminalia chebula (haritaki) as a detoxifier; Terminalia belerica for its digestive and liver support, as well as Tinospora cordifolia and Rubia cordifolia for their immune-supporting effects. It’s been used successfully for years for the treatment of SIBO.


*These dosages are specific for the treatment of IMO and higher than the usual recommended dosages.

Biogaia:  1-2 chewables tablet per day with or without food.

Atrantil:  2 capsules three times per day with food. Maintenance dose: take two to three capsules a day with food.

Neem Plus: Build up to 2 capsules three times per day.


Although not included in this kit, here are some further recommendations for people with intestinal methane overgrowth, especially if constipation is an issue:

HCL Guard: Boosts your ability to fully digest proteins to reduce heaviness after meals, bloating, burping and other discomfort. Can be really effective to relief constipation.

Bowel mover: Beneficial for those that struggle with constipation by providing natural, gentle, non habit-forming relief.

Carboxy: Our favourite binder for people who suffer from constipation. The only binder we’ve found who doesn’t seem to aggravate constipation. Recommended if you suffer from toxicity or die-off reactions.

Premium Stainless Steel Enema Kit: The accumulation of waste on the walls of your colon creates the perfect breeding ground for parasites, yeast, bad bacteria and viruses. Enemas can be a powerful way to cleanse your bowel whilst also opening up your detoxification pathways. It will quickly flush toxins out of your body, making you feel lighter, more hydrated and healthier almost immediately.

SIBO 4-Week Challenge: 35+ delicious low FODMAP recipes specifically designed for people with SIBO and IBS to quickly reduce your gut symptoms.

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