Poop Pack Kit

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The Poop Pack includes:

Eliminate intestinal buildup, promote optimal digestion, and help unwanted elements “move along” with the Poop Pack. By ensuring you’re eliminating regularly, you’ll also ease digestive discomfort and support your body’s natural detoxification processes.

The gentle yet powerful herbs in Bowel Mover, together with Advanced TUDCA and Magnesium HP in this pack will equip your body with the nutrients it needs to support and maintain a healthy gut microbiome, stimulate bile flow, and promote optimal liver and gallbladder function.

Bowel Mover:  A natural and safe digestive aid that promotes gentle bowel relief and proper digestive function. Twelve herbs and botanicals in this proprietary blend are formulated in specific ratios for maximum efficacy. They work together to increase water absorption in the stool and support normal digestive, intestinal and stomach function.

Advanced Tudca: Helps stimulate the release of bile into the digestive tract and promotes increased production and quality of bile, which supports gut motility. Formulated to enhance liver and digestive function while promoting glutathione synthesis to reduce oxidative stress throughout the body, Advanced TUDCA supports cellular repair and the body’s natural ability to detoxify.

Magnesium HP: Whilst magnesium citrate is the most frequently used ‘go to’ for constipation support, Magnesium HP is gentler and works great in combination with bowel mover and Advanced Tudca. It was created with sensitive tummies in mind and also contains high amounts of glycine which is very helpful for gut health. You’ll also get the added benefits of increased feelings of relaxation and sleep support.



Bowel Mover: Take 1 in the morning and 2 in the evening.

Advanced Tudca: Take 2 capsules twice per day

Magnesium HP: Take 2 capsules daily with dinner or before bed

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