Mould Kit

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1 × Optimal Electrolytes - Seltzer

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Hydroxo B12 1800x1800
1 × Hydroxo B12 Lozenges

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The MOULD KIT includes:

We’ve put together our favourite supplements for people with Mould toxicity – aka mould illness or CIRS.

The gentle yet powerful supplements we’ve included in this kit can:

  • Reduce your symptoms to feel better quickly
  • Help you get rid of mycotoxins for long term recovery


Optimal Electrolyte Seltzer: Mould causes low levels of antidiuretic hormone (ADH). This leads to people being unable to hold water in their body, causing frequent urination, chronic dehydration, excessive thirst and lower back pain. This is why electrolytes are an absolute must for anybody suffering from mould toxicity.

Carboxy: Binders are used to bind mycotoxins excreted via the bile to prevent recirculation and to promote faecal elimination. Carboxy is our favourite binder for mould as it doesn’t cause constipation like many other binders and you can easily start with a very small amount and slowly build up, depending on your tolerance.

Advanced Tudca: Many people with mould have ‘sludgy’ bile, which can contribute further to mould toxicity. This is a double whammy, as good bile flow is an important drainage pathway that allows mould to leave the body. This is why improving bile flow will help you recover more quickly. And Advanced Tudca is one of the best way to achieve this, and more!

Hydroxo B12: Mould depletes the body of B vitamins, especially B12. Hydroxocobalamin supports detoxification of toxins, including mycotoxins. It can also be helpful for people with low blood pressure or even POTS, which are common in people with mould toxicity. It may also help with brain fog.



*These dosages are specific for SIBO and higher than the usual recommended dosages.

Optimal Electrolyte Seltzer: Take 1 scoop in the morning and another dose during the day or before exercise, if needed.

Carboxy: Start with 1/8 of the scoop included in the pack and slowly increase to a full scoop.

Tudca:  1 capsule twice daily with food

Hydroxo B12:  1 lozenge daily



Premium Stainless Steel Enema Kit: Coffee enemas are a must-do detoxification strategy for people with mould toxicity. Mould depletes glutathione, which is our body’s top antioxidant and detoxifier. Coffee enemas will not only help to clear the mould from your body, but will also boost your body’s own glutathione production. This is why coffee enemas are an absolute must if you have mould illness. Consider doing them daily until you feel better.

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