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IFC helps to reduce inflammation by stimulating your own natural anti-inflammatory pathways.

Ingredients: Broccoli sprouts, mulberry, artichoke leaf, blueberry, wheatgrass, acai, pineapple bromelain, olive leaf, L-citrulline, pomegranate, astaxanthin

Does NOT contain: Gluten, GMO, excipients.

IFC is formulated with 11 plant ingredients including amino acids, enzymes, and Carbon Technology that help support healthy, natural anti-inflammatory pathways.

IFC helps soothe the body and lessen sensitivities while reducing the negative impact of free radicals (which is especially helpful during detoxification protocols). It steps in to help you withstand mild environmental stressors and minimize symptoms of other potential system imbalances.

IFC contains a combination of 11 plant-based inflammation tamers:

  • Broccoli Sprout: supports the Nrf2 pathway and glutathione production
  • Mulberry: increases detox and glutathione
  • Artichoke Leaf: helps mitochondria and energy production
  • Blueberry: supports detox, digestion, and liver health
  • Wheatgrass: enhances immune and liver function
  • Acai: protects mitochondria with potent antioxidant properties
  • Pineapple Bromelain: supports immune function and joint health
  • Olive Leaf: stimulates mitochondrial production and helps prevent DNA damage
  • L-Citrulline: boosts immune function and helps the liver mitochondria detox ammonia
  • Pomegranate: lessens gut inflammation and helps wound healing
  • Astaxanthin: protects mitochondria and helps defend against viruses

Together, these powerful plant extracts soothe chronic inflammation to help your body get back to optimal functioning.

  • Promotes Glutathione Production: Specifically chosen botanicals help stimulate the Nrf2 pathway to enhance glutathione production
  • Supports Liver Function and Detox: Phytochemicals protect your liver and boost toxin removal
  • Mitochondrial Defense: Plant nutrients help protect mitochondria and spark their production

We don’t want to turn inflammation off completely, though. It’s an important and protective response that helps prevent infection and heal damaged tissues after an acute injury or illness. Dealing with chronic infections and toxins can trigger ongoing issues, though. Keep your body in check and balanced with potent plant-based inflammation-tamers.


Standard:2 capsules twice daily on empty stomach.

If you are sensitive to supplements: Reduce dosage to 1 capsule twice daily.

Toddler under 50 lbs: Take half capsule twice daily in the morning and evening away from food. Open the capsule and mix with avocado oil or maple syrup to take. Do not mix in water.

Child between 50 and 125 lbs: Take one capsule twice daily on an empty stomach.

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