Food Sensitivity Kit

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The Food Sensitivity Kit includes:

We’ve put together our favourite supplements for people with food sensitivity – aka you feel like everything you eat makes you feel terrible!

The great thing about this kit is that you’ll see results quickly, with less gas and bloating, less pain, and overall better digestion even after the first day.


HCL Guard: boosts your ability to fully digest proteins to reduce heaviness after meals, bloating, burping and other discomfort. It’s more powerful than other HCL supplements because it also contains a few other powerful ingredients, such as intrinsic factor (essential for vitamin B12 absorption), ginger (to stimulate motility, including the migrating motor complex) and DGL to protect your stomach lining.

Holozyme: contains a full spectrum of fully activated enzymes to reduce occasional gut related complaints including gas, bloating, loose stools, undigested foods, tummy pain, and cramping. It’s the only digestive enzyme on the market with a patented Absorption Technology which activates each specific enzyme to turn on at the right time, making HoloZyme™ more likely to work for you than other digestive enzyme you might have tried unsuccessfully before. 

Tributyrin-X: If you suffer from a dysfunctional immune system (aka you react to everything!), leaky gut, chronic inflammation in the digestive tract, food sensitivities, bloating, digestive discomfort then your body deserves to try Tributyrin-X™, the world’s most advanced butyrate technology. Butyrate is the most abundant of the 3 short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) created by bacteria fermentation of prebiotics and fibers in the colon. This makes Tributyrin-x is a must for people who can’t tolerate prebiotics and fibers! If you have histamine intolerance, Tributyrin-X will help stabilise your mast cells and reduce histamine reactions.



We recommended starting with HCL, then Holozyme and then introduce Tributyrin-X.

HCL Guard: Take 2 capsules with each meals or as recommended by your health provider. Best taken just before a meal.

Holozyme: Start with 2 capsules with each meals. If you don’t get a reduction of your symptoms, increase by 1 capsule with each meal every 3 days until you get results. You can increase to up to 6 capsules per meal if your digestion is very compromised. Best taken just before, during or immediately after your meal.

Tributyrin-X:  Start with 1 capsule per day with food. Increase every 3 days to up to 3 capsules per day.



Holoimmune: contains 3 strains of heat killed probiotics, a breakthrough technology also known as Paraprobiotics. Researchers found that these special strains offered promising immune system benefits. If you have multiple food sensitivities, it usually means that your immune system is over-active. Holoimmune can help by re-balancing your immune system.

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