1:1 Review & Boost Consultation



  • Full Health History – Before your 1-on-1 consultation, you’ll complete a detailed questionnaire about your health history which we’ll review. This gives us an in-depth picture of where you’re at before we even meet. Value of $200
  • Test Results Review – Before your 1-on-1 consultation, we’ll go over you’re most recent (within the last year) test results to help us better understand your current health issues. If you don’t have any test results, that’s totally fine too! Value of $200
  • Supplement Review & Personalised Recommendations – we’ll go over your current supplements – as well as the ones you’ve got stashed in your cupboard – to help you decide which ones to keep taking, which ones might be making you feel worse, and which ones to keep for later (and which ones might be best to give to a friend!). We’ll also make personalised recommendations depending on where you’re at in your health journey. Value of $200
  • 1-on-1 Consultations with Gen or Leis where we’ll make personalised recommendations tailored to YOUR needs so you can finally get the results you deserve. Value of $400


  • 15% Off Voucher for your first supplement order


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