Native Luxe Skincare

Native Luxe is a luxurious collection of microbiotic skincare made with high performance, clean and conscious ingredients.

Like your gut microbiome, when your skin microbiome is out of balance, it will produce noticeable signs that it’s unhealthy — looking dehydrated, dull and lifeless. If your skin microbiome is undernourished or overtreated, restoring its health should be your priority.

That’s why Native Luxe’s products are powered by microbiotic technology.

Their secret ingredients: their signature Australian Native Ferment KP-2.

KP-2 is made by fermenting two powerful Australian Natives — Kangaroo Paw and Kakadu Plum — with the time-tested skin’s best friend Aloe Vera. Individually, these ingredients are excellent for brightening, strengthening, and nurturing your skin. By fermenting these outstanding botanicals together, their benefits are enhanced, fully harnessing the synergy of their healing power.  

The result: an innovative microbiotic tonic containing an array of unique beneficial skin nutrients which transforms your skin.

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