You might have heard the names Microbe Formulas and CellCore Biosciences mentioned by various people and health practitioners and wondered… what’s the difference between the two?

The answer is quite simple: CellCore Biosciences is the practitioner label for Microbe Formulas, which is the direct consumer brand.

This means that they are mostly the same products with different labels, although some of the products are slightly different, either in terms of delivery method (liquid vs capsules) or ingredients.

CellCore Biosciences is available here in Australia.

Microbe Formulas is available here in the USA and other countries.

Because the names of the products are different for Microbe Formulas and CellCore’s products, it’s easy to get confused. For instance, you might have heard of Mimosa Pudica Seeds but not realised that it’s available as Para-1 with CellCore.

To help you figure out which products are equivalent to which for each label, we’ve made a helpful table below comparing Microbe Formulas products with CellCore’s. You can also click on each product to learn more and purchase, either in Australia (CellCore) or the USA (Microbe Formulas).

You’ll see as well that, because CellCore is a practitioner label, the range is a lot bigger than Microbe Formulas.

Click here to download a PDF comparing Microbe Formulas Products with CellCore’s products.

Mimosa Pudica Seed Para 1
Formula 1 Para 2
Formula 2 Para 3
Not available Para 4
TUDCA Complete Advanced TUDCA
Intestinal Mover Bowel Mover
Bioactive Carbon BioTox BioToxin Binder
Bioactive Carbon Foundation ViRadChem Binder
Bioactive Carbon MetChem HM-ET binder
Lymphatic Complete LymphActiv
Not available KL Support
Bioactive Carbon Minerals (liquid) CT mineral (capsules)
MitoRestore (liquid) BC-ATP (capsules)
Not available CT-Iodine
Not available IFC
Not available IS-BORR
Not available IS-BOOST
Not available IS-BART
Not available IS-BAB
Not available Carboxy
Not available CT-Biotic
Not available GCO
Not available S-TRO
Not available CT-Zyme


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