I know what it’s like to feel terrible, and yet nobody can tell you what’s wrong with your body.

Even your doctors, closest friends and family members don’t seem to understand the extent of your suffering…

It makes you feel isolated and alone!

You would do whatever it takes to get your health back, but yet nothing seems to be working.

I want to tell you… don’t give up just yet!

You can get better, get your life back and feel the best you ever have. I know because I’ve been in your shoes, for over 15 years!

Hi, I’m Gen

From my long 15 year’s battle with digestive issues, I’ve developed an incredible compassion for women suffering from all sorts of poorly understood, although often severe and debilitating health issues and I hope with all my heart that I can help you finally regain your health and live the life you want to live. 

My health issues started when I was at Uni, studying to become a doctor

I remember feeling bloated ALL-THE-TIME.

Even though I was fairly skinny, I had a constant ‘pouch’ and was embarrassed to wear tight clothes. I could go for 7 days without a bowel movement. I can’t even imagine how that would feel anymore! I do remember having such stabbing pain in my stomach that I had to stay home, instead of going out with my friends.

I didn’t talk about it much; I was way too embarrassed.

Why did I end up with gut issues?

It can be hard to pinpoint exactly, as it’s usually multiple factors. Here is my theory on what contributed:

processed foods

Processed food. I started eating a lot more processed food…my mum wasn’t there to feed me lovely home-cooked food anymore.


Stress. Being a medical student, I was also experiencing a lot of stress and didn’t know how to cope with it! Many of my clients report that their health issues started or became much worst after a stressful situation.


Antibiotics and other medications. I was taking acne medication and had 3 courses of antibiotics in a very short period for recurrent UTI, and then I took opioids for a kidney infection. These are all risk factors for damaging my gut lining and my microbiome (aka my gut bacteria).

How I lost hope… and my faith in the medical system.

I loved my first 4 years in Medical School. I loved learning everything about the human body, I found it absolutely fascinating, and I still do! Unfortunately, my personal experience with my own gut health issues during that time got me to slowly lose my trust in the medical system I was a part of.

In my 4th year at university, I was doing a rotation in gastro-enterology and I took a leap of faith: I decided to confide about my issues with my professor (one of the top gastro specialist in the country) to see if he could offer any help. I could see that he didn’t think much of it and considered my symptoms as ‘mild’, but he still agreed to perform a colonoscopy and a few other tests. Everything came back normal, so he told me, in a nice way, that I was probably just a bit stressed out.

I was sent back home with no answers whatsoever and felt more depressed than ever. I sat on the couch and cried all evening. I felt hopeless! I consulted a few other doctors to see if any of them could help, without much luck.

I know from experience with my clients that this is all too common…

Many of our customers have seen over 10 practitioners before finding us!

Unfortunately, this got me to slowly lose my trust in the current medical system… why could nobody help me with my digestive issues? The unwillingness of doctors to truly listen to me, and to even show any real interest in wanting to help, was quite disheartening to me.

It was during my hospital internship that I became further disheartened to find we had spent all those years learning how the body worked only to end up handing out pills to everyone to patch their problems. I realised that most patients were not receiving any help in actually improving their overall health. I was shocked at the amount of medication patients were prescribed. It didn’t seem right to me.

So 2 years later… I quit medical school, after 6 long years of study! I had completed my doctorate in medicine and was 2 years into my hospital internship.

After quitting Medical School, I was confused about what I wanted to do with my life.

Everything I had been striving for my whole life at that point was no longer in alignment for me.

So I travelled the world and ended up settling in Australia, getting married and having two beautiful kids, Heidi and Sebastian.

It was during my first trip to India that I discovered yoga… I had no idea at that time that it would be the stepping stone to my love of holistic medicine.

Unfortunately, quitting medicine did not mean the end of my health struggles! In fact, other issues started showing up… fatigue, brain fog and mild depression…I wasn’t the bubbly girl I used to be! This went on for 15 years.

My wake up call

I woke up one day feeling so bad after a night eating out (when did dinner parties become a fearful event, rather than something I looked forward to?) This was a turning point for me; it’s when I finally decided to take charge of my own health. As much as I was previously convinced that there was nothing I could do to feel better, I now became absolutely sure that there was a way to feel better.

I started digging deeper, reading everything I could find about the gut.

My desire to heal never stopped. It took me over 5 years to finally get to the root of my own health issues when I started seriously trying to solve the issue through my own crash course into everything I could discover about gut health. From SIBO, to parasites, dysbiosis, adrenal fatigue, heavy metal toxicity and abdominal adhesions… there was a lot to uncover, but I got there in the end!

And the good news is: Leisa and I have developped an At-Home Program that teaches everything we’ve learned…. and it’s now available 100% Free!

This is our way to give back to people like you who truly need help.

It’s designed to help you address the root cause of your bloating, gas, brain fog, anxiety, joint pain, skin issues and fatigue, without the need for expensive health practitioner’s fees.


My Qualifications

Doctorate in Medicine:

University of Sherbrooke (Canada)

Gut Training with experts including:

Dr Jason Hawrelak, Dr Nirala Jacobi, Dr Carolyn Ledowsky, Dr Sandeep Gupta, Dr Steven Sandberg-Lewis

Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy:

Advanced 2-year Training with Annette Loudon, Liz Bennett and Sal Flynn.

Health Coach:

Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Once you have more energy and feel better, everything becomes possible again

You get your life back

We now offer a range of cutting edge, innovative supplements that can make a huge difference in your recovery. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a customer who has been suffering for years (and sometimes decades) start to feel better; it’s the most rewarding job in the world and I absolutely love it.

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