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Our signature at-home program is now 100% FREE. This is our way to give back to people like you who truly need help.

It’s designed to help you address the root cause of your bloating, gas, brain fog, anxiety, depression, joint pain, skin issues and fatigue, without the need for expensive health practitioner’s fees.

It includes extensive food lists (histamine, etc), supplement’s recommendations/protocols, yoga sequences and belly massage videos, our favourite tools to boost your health (including ‘how to’ guides)  and so much more.

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A place to educate yourself

We are really passionate about educating you so you can feel confident to finally take charge of your health.

Our blogs includes cutting-edge information about everything related to gut health and beyond, from SIBO to Mould illness and so much more.

How to do Vagus Nerve Stimulation

How To Stimulate Your Vagus nerve

Video & PDF instructions

Learn everything you need to know to use your TENS machine to do Transcutaneous Auricular Vagus Nerve Stimulation (TaVNS) at home.

Don’t forget to get your TENS Machine here.

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SIBO 4-Week Challenge

4 weeks to discover your ideal diet.

35+ delicious low FODMAP recipes specifically designed for people with SIBO and IBS to quickly reduce your gut symptoms.

You’ll see that feeling good doesn’t have to mean you have to deprive yourself!

Gut Transformation Summit 2020

Gut Transformation Summit 2019 & 2020

50 Interviews with gut health experts, now available 100% FREE

*Get instant access to all interviews for FREE

You will learn from some of the top experts in the world, such as Dr Jason Hawrelak, Donna Gates, Dr Stephen Cabral, Carolyn Ledowsky, Dr Jill Crista, and so much more.

Whether you have obvious gut issues like bloating, gas, reflux, constipation or diarrhea, or suffer from other chronic health issues, this summit will empower you with the knowledge you need to get your health back.

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