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How To Succeed With HoloZyme™

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What Is Different About HoloZyme™ 

HoloZyme’s Patented Professional Ingredients Include:

AES ® Patented Absorption Technology –  activates each specific enzyme to turn on at the right time, making HoloZyme™ more likely to work for you than other digestive enzyme you might have tried unsuccessfully before.

Activ-Blend™ is a 4x concentrated, dual hybrid enzyme strains. This means you need less capsules for the same potency as other enzymes on the market.

Activ-Blend™ Protease – pancreatic enzyme breaks proteins down

Activ-Blend™ Amylase – pancreatic enzyme breaks carbohydrates down

Activ-Blend™ Lipase – pancreatic enzyme breaks fats down

Activ-Blend™ Lactase – brush border enzyme breaks lactose sugar down

Activ-Blend™ Cellulase – a group of cellulose and fiber breakdown enzymes

Activ-Blend™ Sucrase – brush border enzyme breaks sucrose sugars like cane sugar down into glucose and fructose

Activ-Blend™ Maltase – brush border enzyme breaks maltose sugars down to glucose

Activ-Blend™ Alpha-Galactosidase – brush border enzyme breaks down fibers in legumes and vegetables

Activ-Blend™ Xylanase – brush border enzyme helps to break apart carbohydrates, polyphenols, and salicylates

Activ-Blend™ Phytase – brush border enzyme breaks down phytic acid helping with nuts and seeds

Kelp – an important source of trace minerals and co-factors

Fulvic Minerals – powerful trace mineral complex helping activate enzymes and heal the body

How Do I Use HoloZyme™

When you first start taking HoloZyme™, we recommend starting slow and working your way up until you start feeling less bloating, better digestion, less tummy pain, better bowel movement, etc.

It’s important to find your ideal dosage for optimal results. For instance, you might get a slight reduction of your symptoms with 2 capsules per meal, but a big reduction as you increase to 4 capsules per meal.

What’s your ideal dosage? The minimum amount of capsules to achieve the maximum reduction in your symptoms.

Tip: If you find it hard to swallow capsules, you can open up the capsule and sprinkle the powder directly on your food, or mix it with water.

Here’s what we recommend to help you find your ideal dosage.

For sensitive people:  If you tend to react to supplements or you know you’re sensitive, we recommend starting even more slowly. Open the capsule and sprinkle about half on your food with each meal and then slowly increase every 3 days until you feel a positive change in your digestion.

Day 1-3 
Take two capsules per meal.

Days 4- 6 
Continue taking two capsules with each meal and add two capsules at bedtime (on an empty stomach). Taking digestive enzymes on an empty stomach helps reduce systemic inflammation and may help reduce overall pain and improve other health issues related to inflammation.

*Warning: Taking digestive enzymes on an empty stomach can also have a biofilm busting effect. This means that you may get a die-off / detox reaction when you first start taking it on an empty stomach. If you get a bad reaction, stop or reduce your dosage at bedtime and increase more slowly.

Days 7-10
If you don’t feel a significant improvement in your symptoms, increase to four capsules per meal and four at bedtime.

If you’re still struggling with your digestion and inflammation at this dosage, you can increase to up to six capsules per meal and six at bedtime. If your digestion is really compromised, you may need a lot of support to start with, but as your gut health improves, you’ll be able to reduce your dosage.

You should quickly find you have reduced gas, bloating, loose stools, undigested foods, tummy pain, and cramping when you find your ideal dosage.

General Dosage Instructions

Regular / Maintenance

2 capsules per meal plus 2 before bed

Anti-Aging/ Anti-Inflammation

2 capsules per meal plus 2 before bed

Banged up

4 capsules per meal plus 4 before bed


6 capsules per meal plus 6 before bed

What Happens If I Feel… ?

Nothing? You haven’t reached your ideal dosage yet – keep increasing slowly.

Worse?  If you get headaches, brain fog, nausea, fever, or other symptoms of detox/Herxheimer reaction, you have moved up your dosage too quickly.  Slow back down to give your body a chance to better adjust to the remodeling/changing of your microbiome.

Constipated?  You have moved up your dosage too quickly, or you haven’t found your ideal dose yet. Stay at the dosage/frequency you are at for the next three days, and add supports to help move your bowels, such as bowel mover.  Then you can try slowly increasing the dosage if needed. Consider adding HCL Guard. Also check out our blog post ‘The Definitive Guide To A Great Poop’ for more tips.

Diarrhea?  You have moved up your dosage too quickly, or you haven’t found your ideal dose yet.  Stay at the dosage/frequency you are at for the next three days, then keep increasing up to 6 capsules per meal, and consider adding Tributyrin-X™ to help regulate your bowels. Then you can try slowly increasing the dosage if needed.

Amazing?  You found your uniquely perfect dose – stay at that dose/frequency!

Here are our top 5 tips when taking HoloZyme™

1. Start slowly and only increase every three days (see instructions above) to find your ideal dose.

2. Take them with food for digestive support.

3. Take on an empty stomach for systemic support (aka anti-aging and anti-inflammation support)

4. Take them every day with every meal for best results. If you’re having a small snack, reduce the dose by half.

5. Combine with HCL Guard for added digestive support. HCL Guard is especially good to support protein digestion.

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