We are exposed to more toxins than ever before.

Did you know that newborn babies nowadays are born with over two hundred chemicals in their bodies — on day one!

The truth is we live in a toxic world.

But what’s even more alarming, is that if you have gut issues, you’re exposed to even more toxins on a daily basis!

In fact, as a gut health expert, almost every single one of my clients describe themselves as feeling ‘toxic’.




First of all, what does it feel like to be toxic?


Beyond the gut




Many of the symptoms that people with gut health issues experience are due to toxicity, at least partly.

So where do these toxins come from?


1- An imbalance of gut bacteria actually creates toxins in your body. These toxins come from the cell walls of gram negative bacteria and are called Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) or endotoxins. When you have normal levels of these gram negative bacteria, the liver is able to clear excess LPS, preventing toxicity.

However, when you have an imbalance of bacteria in your gut, you’ll have more of these gram negative bacteria, and hence create more damaging LPS, overloading the liver.

2- SIBO is a MAJOR contributor to the overload of toxins in people with poor gut health, because the overgrowth of bacteria creates a ‘shit load’ of LPS! (excuse the language… but this had to be emphasised). This is why people with SIBO feel so bad.

3- Candida (yeast overgrowth) produces a ridiculous amount of toxins (some say over 200), including acetaldehyde (making you feel hung over – but without the party!) and gliotoxins (hello brain fog!).

4- Leaky gut is another problem. The gut lining is meant to protect your body from outside chemicals, toxins, bacteria, parasites, and food irritants. When the gut lining is leaky, it no longer prevents these from entering your bloodstream. This overworks your liver, decreasing it’s efficiency.  Learn more about Leaky Gut.

5- Constipation also contributes to the overload of toxins. When poop stays in your large intestine for too long, toxins can get reabsorbed, including hormones like oestrogen (causing hormonal imbalance).

6- Nutrient deficiency is another factor, as many people with digestive issues malabsorb some key nutrients that are needed to detoxify efficiently.


You literally have a toxin factory in your gut!




The effects of these toxins might take many years to show up in your body… this is because your liver is very good at its job. But if these toxins keep flooding in (from your gut and your environment) it will eventually become overloaded and won’t be able to keep up with the demand.

That’s when gut issues become really problematic… and why I recommend doing something about it now, rather than later!




1- Improve your gut health.

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2- Reduce your toxic exposure on a daily basis.

3- Support your liver and detoxification pathways with the right foods and supplements.

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