Did you know that your body is colonised by a multitude of organisms that outnumber your own cells by a factor of about ten.

These hundred trillion invisible creatures (called your microbiome) cover your insides and outsides, but most of them live within your digestive tract, and this is what we will explore in greater detail today.

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The state of your gut microbiome (aka your gut bacteria) has a huge influence in your health.

If it’s healthy and dominated by so-called beneficial bacteria (often referred to as probiotics), things will run smoothly and you will feel vibrant and healthy.

However, if it is sick and overrun by ‘bad’ bacteria, you can experience all sorts of unpleasant symptoms, from digestive issues like bloating, constipation and diarrhoea, but also mood issues like anxiety and depression.

Gut bacteria also have an impact on your immune system, your sleep, and even your weight.

So it’s now undeniable that if you want to improve your digestive health and general well-being… you need to address the balance of bacteria living in your gut!

FUN FACT: The microbiome is now considered by many experts as an organ in the human body. It weights from 1 to 1.5kg and rivals the liver in the number of biochemical reactions it participates in.

We have put together a short quiz to help you understand which experiences in your life, from birth to today, may have impacted the health of your gut, and also highlight some symptoms and diseases that are often associated with gut dysbiosis (the medical name to describe the imbalance of bacteria in your gut).

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