If you have gut health issues that have gone untreated for many months, or even years, you are not alone.

It can feel isolating, embarrassing and confusing to live with bloating, constipation, reflux or diarrhoea. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed, because no matter how much you try, nothing seems to be helping you feel better.

How Frustrating is it!?!

Whether you suffer from SIBO, IBS, leaky gut, CIRS/Mould illness, histamine intolerance, MCAS, food sensitivities, candida, parasites, or don’t even know what is causing all your symptoms, we can help you!

Heal your gut and get your life back!

Gut Health Experts
Former Gut Sufferers

Our Combined Expertise Include:

Doctorate of Medicine
MTHFR Practitioner
Certified Health Coach
Certified Body Ecology Coach
Mould Ilness / MCAS / CIRS

Gut issues made us feel embarrassed, confused & alone.

Can you relate to how this feels?

  • The embarrassment of having a constant bloated ‘pouch’, which makes you avoid wearing tight clothes.
  • The discomfort and distress of going days without a bowel movement, or needing the toilet multiple times/day.
  • Being sick for days after one eating out once with friends and then feeling so alone because you think you have to avoid socialising.
  • Seeking help and being told by your doctor that nothing’s wrong or that it‘s all in your head, making you feel confused about where to turn and like you’re going crazy!

What our customers say about shopping with us:

I bought the Healthy Gut Holozyme digestive enzyme off Nourishing Therapies. It was a smooth, easy, no fuss transaction and got my delivery very quickly. Their emails are good and informative too. Good service.Fiona

Thank you for my extremely speedy delivery, I was surprised at how quick I received your products. Your extensive happy gut at home program and fortnightly chats are also extremely valuable as I embark on this healing journey with new knowledge every week. Thank you to you bothShannon

Fantastic! Great range of high quality supplements and sent out SO quickly! Wonderful customer service.Caroline

I don’t often recommend products but these products come highly recommended. Service is efficient and delivery was very fast.Yvette

Love the HCL Guard product. It has made such a difference to my health. Have been struggling with LPR. Great customer service and speedy delivery.Jeff

“I’ve been using Carboxy and Bowel mover from Cellcore Biosciences and my insides feel better than ever. More recently I’ve ordered the Anti-parasitic kit and have had great results and am about to order a second kit.”  Simon

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